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Ivan Segreto is a Sicilian singer-songwriter, pianist, composer and producer. He is also an esteemed music composer for film and video soundtracks.


With his work as a songwriter Ivan merges jazz and song poetry(songwriting lo preferisco) , traditional tunes and rhythms together with electronic and electro-acoustic impressions.

His career as a live performer developed rapidly with the help of musicians such as Franco Battiato and Wynton Marsalis, for whom he performed as opening act.


From 2004 till the present times, he released 7 albums, several singles, and did soundscaping for documentaries and films.

 His latest works combines melodic and rhythmic elements from his homeland with a sonic landscape inspired by the contemporary nordic and british music scene.



 Porta Vagnu on Epic/Sony Music (2004) is his debut album, with which he gained wide critical acclaim and built a strong following of fans that still support him to this day.  


Fidate Correnti (2005, Sony Music/BMG) climbed up the Italian pop charts. The single “Vola Lontano” stayed on heavy rotation on top 40 FM radio for several months. With the second single "Con Un Gesto" he appeared at “Festival di Sanremo” (Italian selection for the Eurovision) gaining huge visibility through nation-wide live TV broadcast.


Ampia is Segreto's third work (2007),releases with Sony Music/BMG. The album was performed live at Torino’s “Traffic Festival”, sharing the stage with Antony And The Johnsons.

In 2007, Ivan Segreto took a long trip through North India and Pakistan in search for the roots of Sufi vocal music, and started studying and practicing advanced audio processing techniques that he now incorporates in his work.

After moving back in Sicily, Segreto has dedicated himself to the development of a new repertoire, more rooted around his land of origin. His latest work combines melodic and rhythmic elements from his homeland with a sonic landscape inspired by the contemporary Nordic and British music scene. 

In October 2011, produced by Michele Locatelli, Ivan Segreto launches the groundbreaking album Chiaro (ObliqSound). 


 In 2014 he released 'Integra", on the independent label BradiLogo, mentioned as one of the best Italian albums of the year. 


His works as soundtrack/video  composer include the sonic-scaping for a research related to the tragedy of Shoa(Shoa and post-memory) 

, made by photographer Gabriele Croppi (2012), and 

 the music for the docu-film "Nel Nome Del Popolo Sovrano", produced by RAI Cinema for the Italian national TV(2017)  


In the more recent times Ivan released two extensions to the  album Integra, "Doni" and "Angeli" (2017), 

 the EP "Metasi", digital platforms (2019).

In 2020 Ivan re-imagined and  re-arranged two of the most known Italian motifs of all times: "Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu" and "Nessun Dorma", and made new and contemporary versions of them, bringing new life to such famous melodies (available on digital platforms).

In 2021, the Indie Hub Studio Sessions was released l, a live testimony of Ivan Segreto and his band, featuring new and old singles in a renovated musical dress( available on digital platforms).

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